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GUIDE UO Automap for UO Outlands

Unfortunately that is too difficult for me. But I updated it here pretty often and from now on the map is almost complete. The essential parts of it at least. If the Admin would like to make it sticky, that would be nice though.
Update 010 (outdated) = UO Automap locations for UO Outlands v.2019.04.02a.zip

- Added UOO_Vendors.map with player vendor houses over the land. I mapped some as "merchants guild" because that icon is not really used for something else. In the name I included the date I last checked that vendor spot and the name of the shop or a description of the items sold there. I do not intend to map every vendor on Avadon and keep this list up to date. I will just add here some vendor houses from time to time.
Naming example: [Vendor@2019.04.01] Knightly Deals
- Some other minor improvements over the land and dungeons.

For updated infos about UO Automap and tips to use it, see the first post of this thread.
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Classic UO (CUO) client works now with UO Automap

I just figured out how to make UO Automap track your character if you are using the new Classic UO (CUO) client (
The solution is not elegant as it involves using the 2D classic game client, but it works.

- step 1: Start the 2D client from UO Steam or Razor (it does not matter if you are logged on UO or not with other account, but make sure "Reduce CPU usage" option is on on UOS or Razor to save CPU cycles).
- step 2: Open CUO over it, enter Outlands and start UO Automap.

UO Automap will now track your character in CUO.
Update 011 (outdated) = UO Automap locations for UO Outlands v.2019.04.13a.zip

J20190413_162012 UO Automap.png

This is a big update and everyone using UO Automap or UO Cartographer should apply this update. Some of the new markers are mapped by myself, some are taken from Ultima Mapper. I want to thank to all Ultima Mapper contributors for their hard work.
- Added teleporters to islands and many hidden passages over the land (thank you Ultima Mapper contributors).
- Changed crimsongates and goldengates icon in dungeons so now it actually display a moongate.
- Added more markers on Nusero and few others over the land.
- Various other changes to make sure UO Automap and UO Cartographer markers are compatible with each other.
- Many improvements in dungeons.
- House boats now properly show as boats.
- Mobs update from Ultima Mapper. Increased number of marked mobs from 2929 to 3138. Cavernam monsters added as well besides various improvements in other places. Huge work made by Ultima Mapper contributors.
When you are going to activate this file make sure to hit CTRL+H to hide labels, otherwise the entire map will be covered in text.

For updated infos about UO Automap and tips to use it, see the first post of this thread.
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Update 012 (outdated) = 2019.04.18 New background map created with UO Cartographer is now available for UO Automap as well.


Important update! My thanks to Skrypt for all the advises he gave me and for his patience to guide me. Without him this new beautiful map wouldn't be possible.
- Changed the background map with a map I created with UO Cartographer with several advantages:
- - - - - - - Relief and elevations are represented and everything is more detailed. I think overall it looks a lot better.
- - - - - - - Solved for good the following errors I discovered, and perhaps some others I didn't:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - The error where a part of dungeon Inferno LVL1 was covered by the old Sosarian Solen Hive reported first time here:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - The Sosarian Minax fortress standing over desert in NW of Ossuarry entrance.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - A black bar on Cavernam LVL1.

- To install the new map go to UO Automap menu Map > Felucca Map Performance Settings and for "Normal View" set the slider to Faster:

Hit OK and the building process will start:

After some time, 4 BMP files will be created on UO Automap folder:

- Close UO Automap.

- At this point download the updated map from here (~4Mb): https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqtI3rSJQnG_kwSy8ZXrxO9AhqEx
And unpack the files from the ZIP to UO Automap folder, overwriting the 4 BMP's.

- Start UO Automap again and you should see the enhanced UO Outlands map created with UO Cartographer.

If, for whatever reason you want the older "flat" version with those errors I was talking about before, just set the slider all the way to SLOWER. The BMP's will be deleted.

I updated the first post of this thread to reflect the new installation instructions.
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Update 014 (outdated) = UO Automap locations for UO Outlands v.2019.05.01b.zip


Updated markers to reflect the map changes brought by the big patch from April 28, 2019
- Added locations for Daemon Keep (lawless zone), Bludchok Orc Fort, the three Omni Realm Lairs, Pulma Dungeon Expansion.
- Correcting many chests in Cavernam, Darkmire and Pulma.
- Adding more vendor houses on the vendor.map file. Now you are able to see where all those good deals are hiding.
- Various other corrections and additions.

All of these markers work with the maps I uploaded earlier with Update 013.
The first post of this thread always contain the links to the latest versions of maps and markers, along with the explanations of how to install and use UO Automap.
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Update 017 (outdated) = UO Automap locations for UO Outlands v.2019.11.04a.zip


- Added over 400 player houses on "UOO_Houses.map".
Make sure you have on UOAM Control Panel >UOAssist > Log Houses to this file > < Not logging >. Otherwise the houses will get automatically deleted from the map when you approach them.

- Some minor map changes, adding some more bridges, mining caves, etc.
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Update 019 (outdated)

- Background map latest version: 2020.01.18a_Automap MAP from Cartographer.rar - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqtI3rSJQnG_lWGq43NQUcASpRwI?e=s1dbYN
- Marked locations latest version: 2020.01.20a_Automap locations for UO Outlands.rar - https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqtI3rSJQnG_lWSDxwSKcesaMo6r?e=lAMEK5

- Background map changed mostly in dungeon section.
- Markers in dungeons improved. Some treasure chests are still incorrect in Darkmire Temple because I can't reach them right now.
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Update 022 (switching to UOAM beta)

After some testing I decided to use the latest version of UOAM, modified by Dagon: v. Beta. Don't get too excited as this happened a long time ago as well. There are some minor changes but overall it is not too different of v.


I will modify the first post of this thread to offer this version for download.

Infos about UO Automap v. Beta can be found here: http://forums.uosecondage.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=21716&start=0

Download mirror here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AqtI3rSJQnG_lW3HyaPBn3HTUEq8?e=ZUUYBL

- Unpack and launch UOAMv9_Install.exe to install UO Automap on a folder of your choice where you have full rights.
- Start UO Automap from UOAM (Single Client): uoam_locked.exe. This one works with UOSteam and the new Classic UO. To have it track your character in CUO you need to open first UO Steam and launch the old UO (it doesn't matter if you login or not), then on top of it CUO and last one UO Automap Single Client (uoam_locked.exe).

The Auto Switch executable (uoam_auto.exe) is intended to work with up to three old 2D clients started with UO Steam and is not working with CUO.
Update 023 (outdated)

- Marked locations latest version: 2020.03.14a_Automap locations for UO Outlands.rar -

- Big update. Lot of work and exploration has been made for this update. Added new and improved many markers over the land.
- Significant changes on Corpse Creek, Ruined Lycaeum and map improvements in many places with information from Erik Grey's map.

If any of you find inaccuracy or want to suggest map improvements, please post here. thank you.
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