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GUIDE UO Performance troubleshooting collection and guide (network, ping, lag, choppy gameplay etc)

nice buffer bloat tool for troubleshooting router or modem. I recommend wifi 6, 6E or expensive 7 for the router from ASUS (stable). Then also use a network cable non-wifi option for testing baseline of bufferbloat. Sometimes you may need new coaxile lines ran if old or a more modern docsis 3.1 modem. if modem is docsis 3.0 or older, see if you can get a free upgrade from ISP. If issues occur with F-C scores in buffer bloat, call isp to test modem for signal loss, heat, noise etc.

Cheap upgrades:

Wifi card:

I also like asus routers for easy qos:

My network guide is very old but reach out if needing ping ideas. Most common:

A. Update router to wifi6 AX

B. Use a namebrand cat6 or cat7 cable between modem and router, then router to pc

C. Use a network cable where possible else an ax wifi card

D. Update windows and network drivers

E. Try [accelerate on (relaunch)

F. Enable qos packet shaping on router, set gaming and your gaming pc to higher priority (over streaming) helps ping a ton