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[VOV] Vaengr of Vell - an Evil RP guild of vampires, undead, and ne'er-do-wells


You pass by a strange looking woman sitting in the snowy gutters of Outpost softly singing to herself.

"In four hundred and ninety AC,
Mad Emperor Linus ended his spree.
From the cliffs flew his wife,
from the cliffs flew young Vell.
From the cliffs leapt the Emperor,
straight into hell!"

She looks up at you and yet also through you. Her eyes are pallid and white.

"You wish to hear more, traveler? For a few gold the story could be yours."

You toss her a few gold. She stares blankly at you for a moment before settling into a morbid, sickly grin.

"It begins with Linus, second in line for the throne behind his elder brother Leopold. Linus was an ambitious man, you see. So on the day of their father's funeral he stabbed Leopold right in the back. He got to be Emperor, he did! Hee. Later that night, ‘tis said that a Shadowlord came to him and foretold that he would die by the hands of his own son. A fitting end for a man who could kill his own brother!

"Eh, well, a few years passed and Linus married Lady Delia. The mad emperor had all of his sons thrown from the sacrificial cliffs. Deep were the waters, and filled with bones they were! The Lady Delia, consumed by grief, devised a plan to switch her next newborn son with the daughter of her pregnant lady in waiting. Ha ha. It worked, too! The “false daughter” was named Vell. Beautiful name, eh?

"Well, I said it worked and it did! But as all poor souls know, nothing but the void lasts forever. In 490 AC Linus learned the truth and, in a fit of rage, threw his wife and wee Vell from the cliffs! Then Linus joined them, he did! He he hee. Oh yes, he flew! Straight to the bottom to join the bones of his own children and the fresh corpses of his wife and poor sweet little Vell."

She notices that you look a bit disappointed. After all, this tale is found in any history book. Composing herself, she leans in close.

"Eh, it’s a secret ye seek, is it not? Then a secret ye shall have. But remember, your life is linked to the tightness of yer lips. He he he!"

The woman's voice grows quiet.

"That lady in waiting I mentioned - Vell's real mother? Aye, well, some say she still lives. Yes, yes, longer than any human should live. ‘Tis said dark magic keeps her alive.

"Some call her the Lady Writhe. She was one of the Nords, they say. And after Vell's death she was so sick for revenge that she made a bargain no sane woman ever should. She made a bargain with the Three Witches. But no, not just any witches, she made a bargain with the Norn!

"Sustained by darkness and hate she began building an army, a coven of sorts. Vaengr of Vell, she called it. Eh? What's Vaengr mean? It means “wings” to the old Nords. Tell ye this, if sweet little Vell had wings she would have flown away from those cliffs. Ha ha."

She coughs and composes herself. You hear bones crack as she sits up straight.

"Her coven grew more evil and powerful with each passing year. Some say the vampires were the first to come to her. Methinks she had the gift long before they arrived. Goblins came thereafter, followed by witches and warlocks, murderers and thieves, and even the cursed undead. They worked in shadow and their dark whispers spread, slowly overtaking all that was once good in the cold northern reaches of man."

Her voice becomes barely audible now. She leans forward and whispers.

"Beware, child of man. Her coven still grows."

With a deafening cackle, she disappears in a plume of red smoke! Long afterwards, you hear her voice ringing in your head.



[VOV] is a casual Roleplaying guild for evil or chaotic characters of all types. Some examples might be an unscrupulous merchant, a murderous vampire, a power-hungry lich, a fallen paladin, or a common bank thief. No ne’er-do-well nor discontent will be turned away!

All play-styles are welcome be they PVP, PVM, crafting, and anything that falls in-between or outside. Voice capabilities are not required, but encouraged.


  • Do evil, cause chaos, walk in darkness, curse the virtues, avenge little Vell.
  • Enable members to enjoy all aspects of Outlands in a safe constructive space.


  • Respect those we play with, from our guildmates to our sworn enemies. As such we have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech, and are inclusive to people from all walks (or haunts) of life.
  • Kill the do gooders. Or at least spit at them.

To answer the Dark Lady’s call, contact us on Discord at:
! ! Mary Ruthless ! !#3989
[VOV] Mael Mekare#2650
Alice Asteroid#1554
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Fantastic, if not disconcerting introduction!

With the increase and spread of these... Vaengr of Vell, I wonder what form this vengeance for the Emperor's false daughter will take...