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History and Timeline of Events - Revised


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The Revised Edition of the History and Timeline of Events
by Erik Gray
Hail fellow seekers of knowledge! Below you will find the most comprehensive outline of the history and timeline of events throughout Avadon. A great deal of this information stems directly from the original works by Lenz (I take no credit for all the parts that I directly copied), found here. Much of my timeline builds upon Lenz's work through sources provided by the powers that be in the world, as well as thorough investigation of all possible tomes of knowledge (the wiki, the website, other posts, pestering the hell out of the staff, documentation provided to me, lore notes, and more). Even with all that, some events were left to speculation. Also included and incorporated are events driven by the players.

If you know of an event that had/has some sort of significant impact upon Avadon, please feel free to share it with me and I can update the timeline. It is very handy to know roughly what month/year the event occurred (RL measure) so that it can be converted into proper UO time.

How time in UO works:
Outlands Launch date: Oct 27, 2018 (66 RL days until Jan 1, 2019)
Conversion of time: 12 UO days per 1 RL day. About 1 year in-game passes each RL month.
Avadon year upon Outlands launch: 612 AC. It was 614 AC at the start of 2019. Add 1 year per RL month beyond that.
Avadon year at the start of 2021: 638 AC. Add 1 year per RL month beyond that.

The Avadonian Timeline:

0 AC
The Cataclysm. The Avatar defeats Mondain, shattering the Gem of Immortality into numerous shards, each of which contain a replica of Sosaria. Some of these shards, such as the one containing Avadon, are damaged almost beyond recognition. Major volcanic eruptions and earth-shattering upheavals eradicate almost all traces of Britannian civilizations.

Somewhere around 12 AC
A large landmass emerges off the west coast of the Avadonian mainland. It is believed this landmass came from another shard entirely, as it contained members of the Knights Guild and a castle they were building. Over the course of the following cataclysmic century, the wayward Knights disappeared and their castle slowly sank into the earth, lying deep below within the dungeon now known as Nusero.

It is possible that one of the Shadowlords were awakened by mistake by the Knight’s Guild, as suggested by evidence discovered roughly 600 years later. This matter remains inconclusive, however.

Between 0-140 AC
The cataclysmic events settle and new landmasses form and take shape. A great polar ice cap encompasses the formerly fertile north while years of endless drought and heat forms a great desert in the south regions.

140 AC
Cambria arises out of the ashes of Trinsic.

Archipelago (series of tropical islands) arise out of the ocean south-east of Cambria.

Andaria rises from the ruins of former Britain.

155 AC
Two smaller settlements join together to form the Kingdom of Prevalia. Upper Prevalia sits atop high whitestone cliffs, and Lower Prevalia is nestled among the canals and marsh of the lands below. The two are united with the use of bridges.

King Callum I of House Fletcher is the first established of the royal line in Prevalia.

It is noted that, for some strange reason, most noble families would rarely produce female children. One noble family, the Rookwoods, did not seem to suffer this problem, resulting in noble families marrying their sons into the Rookwood family, starting the path towards familial stagnation.

176 AC
Explorers and soldiers from Andaria set out west to explore the Frozen North. Sometime between now and 200 AC they establish the Nordkeep.

184 AC
King Callum I along with his four songs are killed. The rule of the Kingdom of Prevalia goes to his regent wife, Serphan, and his two twin sons, Aidyn and Arryn.

210 AC
Prevalian military begins its campaigns to clear the Outlands of scattered tribes of orcs, lizardmen, and ratment. Many of these campaigns are led by King Arryn and his sons, Aron the Stone of the Forge, and Allidon the Lame, who was born missing half a leg.

Rumors circulate around the Prevalian court of a possible relationship between King Arryn and his sister Judith. It is suspected that two of Judith’s children might actually belong to the King and not her husband.

242 AC
King Arryn dies, Aron assumes the throne and marries a noble lady from house Ironsmythe.

251 AC
Prevalian armies reach both Andaria and Cambria with war ensuing against both. Prevalia wins numerous victories.

252 AC
The first “Condottiere”, or mercenary company of Cambria, is formed under the employ of Lord Artemius. The Free Company led by Captain Lorenzo fought the Prevalian army at the gates of Cambria.

Between 267-275 AC
King Aron defeats Cambria and occupies the city. The Cambrian King surrenders his crown but remains as lord of Cambria after pledging fealty to the newly anointed Emperor of Prevalia.

287 AC
Andarians meet Prevalia in battle at the village of Ardun, leaving the town utterly destroyed, but marking the final blow against Andaria in favor of Prevalia. Andaria follows Cambria in submitting to Prevalian rule.

The combined kingdoms of Prevalia, Cambria, and Andaria are now known as the Avadonian Empire, ruled by the first Emperor Ardis.

At this time, Emperor Ardis married a lady by the name of Collette from house Calderson, a woman suspected of using glamor magic, for it is said that anyone who looked upon her saw a beauty that they wished to see. Together, they had 12 children, of which only one was a male heir, Iaric.

309 AC
Iaric, son of Emperor Ardis, marries a distant cousin, Rosetta, a daughter of Cambria.

310 AC
The Prevalian Empire ends any minor revolts with the system of equal citizenship for all within the vassal kingdoms, as well as the retention of the former royal lines of both Andaria and Cambria. Andarian and Cambrian soldiers serve under the banner of the Prevalian Empire.

311 AC
Iaric succeeds his father and ascends the Emperor’s throne. Dubbed Iaric “The Industrious” he builds the Walkway of the Emperor, burial tombs for the past Kings of Prevalia. Each tomb is set upon a path making the area appear canyon-like. The doors are set with warnings and precious stones that reflect the sun during the winter to create cascades of rainbows. It is said that the wind through the tombs is the voices of the dead kings.

312 AC
The town of Horseshoe Bay is founded to serve as a trading outpost on the eastern coast between Cambria and Prevalia. It was formerly known as a small trading post specializing in Cambrian gems.

Aegis Keep is established by Prevalia to safeguard the transit of goods between the cities.

315 AC
With a strong military backed by three nations, war is waged against the remaining monster tribes throughout the Outlands. The Moores and Rookwoods of Prevalia are entrusted with clearing out the forces of Garnuk the Ogre. The Corsairs and Montagues of Cambria laid ruin to the gargoyle strongholds in the desert west of Cambria. The Hosenfields and Schmaltburgers of Andaria defeat Thelmhurst the Lord of Trolls and Utaruk the King of Orcs.

This is considered the Prevalian Golden Age. Trade prospers across the Empire by both land and sea.

323 AC
The Lycaeum is established and becomes the preeminent center for knowledge and learning, attracting all manner of scholars, scribes, and mages from across the entire Empire.

327 AC
Emperor Iaric begins the practice of marrying his first-born sons to the daughters of Cambrian and Andarian noble families to strengthen their diplomatic relations.

348 AC
Founded by Admiral Calvarn out of need for lumber for the Prevalian navy, a once small gypsy lumber camp is transformed into a bustling town, now known as Terran. The increase in lumber harvesting resulted in the deforestation of the nearby plateau.

Outpost is founded by Andaria. Construction of a stony keep on a far Northeastern island begins, it is only large enough for a small group of merchants and lodging enough for adventurers. This location provides a strong military advantage for Andaria.

350 AC
The Terran Tourney grounds are established to celebrate the new acquisition of vital lumber. The grounds would become the Emperor’s favorite spot for entertainments.

Indigenous people in the frozen north that were displaced by the Andarians colonizing the Outpost region unite under a leader by the name of Jarl Magnus Wolfbiter. Raids began against crucial Outpost supply caravans. Soon after an accord was struck between Jarl Magnus Wolfbiter and the local government of Outpost to supply the Jarl's people with tribute and supplies in exchange for peace.

Between 348-370 AC
The Prevalian Empire establishes military strongholds throughout the land.

The Pulma Dam is established north of Prevalia, much to the chagrin of the Andarians who enjoyed a natural river barrier between Andaria and Prevalia, but this situation alone did not cause much political strife during this time of Empirical unity.

385 AC
Strong border fortifications are established across the land. Only the north-western lands remain truly free from the rule of law.

386 AC
Orcs are declared officially defeated and driven from the Avadonian mainland following a rigorously genocidal campaign by Marshal Emil. The final battle took place at Carse Lake.

402 AC
The first known sighting of a black moongate within the realm of Avadon. The Prevalian wizard, Marius (not to be confused with the later Marius, regent of Andaria), travels through it and is never seen again. Rumors circulate that he went to the “land of the ancestors.”

413 AC
The Cathedral of St Francis is founded. It is consecrated as “The Great Hall of Virtues.” Some rumors abound that this is established by some of the ancestors of the long lost Knight’s guild of yore.

Between 413-425 AC
Missionaries on behalf of the Cathedral of St Francis establish the Shrines of Virtue, in imitation to those pre-Cataclysm.

468 AC
Cambrian prospectors discover an ancient burial chamber in the desert, which becomes known as the Ossuary.

469 AC
The first sightings of strange creatures roaming through the halls of Pulma Dam. Over the course of several months, all communication from the Dam cease.

470 AC
Shelter Island is established by the Prevalian court wizards in order to create a sanctuary for the feeble and weak. It is thought that having a safe refuge, the week citizens of Prevalia would become stronger and more adept by the time they left the island. The sister village of Haven is also established as the mainland counterpart to Shelter Island.

Between 441-490 AC
This era is known as the “Reign of the Mad Emperors” due to having three deranged rulers in a row. It is rumored that the close familial ties of their ancestors brought about this great madness. Andarian and Cambrian nobility both grow discontent during this period.

441-449 AC
Reign of Emperor Canack. His rule is marked by the mistrust of everyone around him, leading to the kidnapping and torture of anyone he felt was a threat. This included two of his young sons and three of his wives. His fourth wife was slated for a similar fate, but Emperor Canack “The Questioner” died upon falling from the battlements of his castle before he could give the order. His 12 year old son, Reilquios, becomes the Emperor.

449-472 AC
Reign of Emperor Reilquios. At only 12 years of age, he imprisoned his mother in the cloisters of the Sisters of Honor, suspecting her of the late Emperor’s death. . Emperor Reilquios was known to host lavish dinners and balls and refusing to attend was often a death sentence. The parties themselves were also death sentences, as the Emperor would often poison half of his dining companion’s food and drink and laugh as they died in convulsions. His own death came about when he mistakenly drank from a poisoned cup meant for his wife. He had two sons, Leopold and Linus.

472-490 AC
The reign of Emperor Linus. The day of Linus coming into the throne was marked by the death of his older brother, Leopold. It is said he led Leopold away from the mourners at his father’s funeral and then stabbed him in the back. It is rumored that when the blood touched one of the gems upon the doors of the King’s Tombs, a shadowlord was summoned. The shadowlord appeared to Linus, claiming to be a soothsayer from a far western land and told Linus of his death at the hands of his son. Linus took the shadowlord as an advisor. Linus married the “Lady of the Ice” Delia von Hosenfeld and upon the delivery of any male child, Linus would dispose of him. Due to extreme grief, Delia plotted to switch a newborn son with the daughter of a pregnant lady in waiting. The son was sent to Delia’s sister in Andaria to live and not know who he truly was. Pleased with his new daughter, and on the advice of his shadowlord advisor (the purpose and motivation behind creating them are not clear), he built the twin keeps of Delia and Vell, named in honor of his wife and daughter. When he learned of her treachery, he killed both Delia and the baby in a fit of rage and ordered the executions of everyone in both Delia Keep and Vell Keep, which became known as Contempt and Forsaken respectively. He then threw himself off of the cliffs of Prevalia.

With no clear heir or line of succession following Emperor Linus’ death, noble families from Prevalia, Andaria, and Cambria all make claims for the throne, raising tensions throughout all three kingdoms.

491 AC
Cambria and Andaria both formally secede from the Prevalian Empire.

492 AC
War breaks out between the three kingdoms.

495 AC
With Prevalia and its former vassals in the grips of civil war, Orc tribes return to the Avadonian mainland and overrun many outposts in the western Outlands.

535 AC
Landau is born in Lower Prevalia. He is expelled from the city at a young age for killing the son of a powerful member of the House Solemn, who were staunch allies of the former Emperor.

Two cousins of the former Mad Emperor Linus continue to fight for the throne of Prevalia.

Between 535-550 AC
With the ongoing wars between the three kingdoms, Orc tribes continue to move unopposed throughout the Avadonian mainland.

552 AC
Cambrian prospectors discover a substantial vein of gold in the Grey Desert. This enables King Venriel of Cambria to hire a powerful army of mercenaries, including the Dark Banner company, which are ultimately put under the command of Lord Falthar.

553 AC
The Lycaeum is destroyed by the Red-Hand Orc clan.

556 AC
Cailith (the Sagacious, as he becomes known) is born in Cambria. He is a future governing regent of Andaria.

558 AC
Lord Falthar of Cambria (the grandson of the King who declared Cambrian independence 60 years past) sacks Lower Prevalia and slaughters the population with the use of mercenary companies, notably the Dark Banner company led by Captain Landau. For two years the city is besieged. In an attempt to break the siege, the Prevalian Emperor dispatched his champion, Owaen, to challenge Landau to single combat. Landau dispatched the previously undefeated Owaen with ease.

Between 558-559 AC
The Prevalians ends their own civil war and proclaim Alyan (one of Linus’ cousins) as their king.

Only the strength of the Prevalian navy allows for Prevalia to not fall to the besiegers.

559 AC
Andaria re-settles the pre-cataclysmic town of Cove on the western coast. Combined with their large keep of Outpost, Andaria becomes a strong global power and influencer.

560 AC
The siege of Lower Prevalia ends when Lord Falthar is betrayed and slaughtered by Captain Landau of the Dark Banner company. The reason for this betrayal remains unknown.

561 AC
Captain Landau establishes the town of Corpse Creek and titles himself Lord Landau.

The town becomes known as “Bandit Town” due to its high occupancy of cutthroats and mercenaries. It is also located in the one region of the world where Prevalian rule never could reach.

Queen Klara of Andaria is the only sovereign to officially recognize Corpse Creek as an independent town.

561-570 AC
Lord Landau hires out the Dark Banner company to whichever of the three kingdoms that can afford to hire them. He and his company become increasingly rich and influential. Lady Klara, the Queen of Andaria, invites Lord Landau to meet face-to-face. The two form a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

562 AC
Lord Landau is named the Marshal of the Andarian army. An honor unheard of for someone of common birth, not to mention a mercenary Captain.

568 AC
Lord Landau and Queen Klara of Andaria are married.

Between 570-585 AC
A period of Andarian superiority, led by Queen Klara and Lord Landau with their combined armies. Together, they defeat both Prevalia and Cambria in battles, and for a time they outshine Prevalia in military power.

577 AC
Iaric IV is born (a future King of Prevalia), brother to King Calym III “The One Day King”, nephew to King Alyan.

585 AC
Queen Klara of Andaria gives birth to a son, Luka, the rightful future king of Andaria. Lord Landau is the father.

A massive orc army arrives in Spirituality Bay and lands off the coast of Andaria. The military might of Andaria led by Queen Klara and Lord Landau face off against the Orc Warlord Goth Vultog. Battle swept through the streets of Andaria. Queen Klara is slain during the fighting. The Andarians emerged victorious, and Landau slaughtered every single orc captive. The Grandmaster of the Mages Guild, Marius, is named governing Regent as Landau retreats in grief to Corpse Creek.

Between 585-604 AC
Sometime during this period, Lord Landau disappears. Nobody is sure where he went or why. It is not clear if he is even still alive.

586 AC
Arshiya is born, a future King of Cambria.

594 AC
The Orc tribes are united under a new leader, Goth Yubgub, with the aid of a mysterious advisor at his side who is rumored to be a Shadowlord. Goth Yubgub sacks the town of Cove and razes it to the ground.

595 AC
The Andarian Mage Council discovers mysterious figures sighted alongside the Orc armies as well as some of the mercenary companies. They are thought to be Shadowlords.

Between 598-600 AC
The Orcish city of Buurz’Uzg is founded.

604 AC
Luka, son of Lord Landau and Queen Klara, leaves Andaria in the midst of night and replaces his father at the head of the Dark Banner mercenary company. Luka’s army raids deep into Prevalian and Cambrian territories. Luka becomes famous for his cruelty both on and off the battlefield.

605 AC
Rumors abound of a second black moongate sighting, this time within Luka’s field encampment. During this time, Marius, the Regent of Andaria, goes missing.

The people of Andaria are shaken by the sight of their rightful King, Luka, raiding their lands. However, in spite of this a strong faction loyal to Luka remains.

606 AC
The battle of Break Pass, Luka the cruel at the head of the Dark Banner company defeats the Cambrian army. It is said trolls and ogres fought alongside him.

Cailith the Sagacious replaces former Regent Marius as the governing Regent of Andaria. He seeks to legally remove Luka’s claim to the Andarian throne and form Andaria into a republic. Luka, at this point in time, seems reluctant to pursue his rightful claim to the throne, instead opting to continue to lead the Dark Banner company.

607 AC
Without soldiers to hold the area, ratmen establish Chikek Fortress, cutting the old Prevalia-Andaria roadway.

Aegis Keep goes dark a short time after the visit of an unknown High Priestess. What fate has befallen the soldiers and nobles of the keep is left to guesses, but all stories and rumors tell of the inhabitants new found love of blood.

Rumors abound of a black moongate appearing that connect Buurz’Uzg and Corpse Creek. Mysterious figures are sighted alongside Luka.

608 AC
The volcano now known as Inferno erupts. The resulting tidal waves flooded and destroyed a large portion of Cambria. It is suspected that the lost Skull of Mondain was somehow involved.

609 AC
The rulers of all three kingdoms meet to discuss peace for the first time in a long time. The three Kings meet in the Ancient Glade, a sacred meeting spot. To display trust, all three rulers send away their generals and guards. When the generals and guards returned hours later, the three Kings were gone, and only a black moongate remained which promptly closed. Each general suspecting the other kingdoms of foul-play, they all retreat back towards their home kingdoms. Ratmen from Chikek ambushed the Prevalians on their way home. King Alyan was killed by the ratmen. With King Calym III having disappeared with the moongate, and King Alyan dead, the throne of Prevalia unexpectedly goes to Iaric IV.

King Arshiya claims the throne of Cambria after his father disappeared at the Ancient Glade.

610 AC
Troll clans sack Forsaken Keep.

Carlyn, the Captain of the Prevalian Guard, creates the Iron Assault, a venture that employs adventurers and soldiers alike to turn back the hordes of creatures now plaguing Avadon.

A strong faction loyal to Luka emerges in Andaria, supporting Luka’s royal claim to the throne (they perhaps might have forgotten about the raids five years past). Cailith the Sagacious, although a strong and capable ruler of the Andarian Kingdom, starts losing favor due to his Cambrian ancestry. He is seen by some as an outsider.

611 AC
The Cambrian court mage Albufeira performs a dark ritual which destroys the Cathedral of St Francis. It is rumored that he is part of a growing cult seeking to resurrect Mondain.

Between 610-612 AC
With the majority of Avadon no longer patrolled by the three kingdoms due to ongoing conflicts, monsters once again infest the lands.

612 AC
The Fall Harvest Event

Scallywag Island is settled by the infamous pirate Jack Scallywag.

The Boulderfist Orc Clan claims the Uruktun Bluffs for their home.

Members of the Knight’s Guild emerge in Avadon from another shard in search of their missing brethren, unbeknownst to them that the passage of time is different between Avadon and their home world and 600 years have passed. They establish a large base of operations near Nusero dungeon and uncover a dig site suggesting evidence of their long-lost brothers and their history.

613 AC
The Prevalian Council for the Preservation and also the Advancement of Holiday Cheer and Non-Descript Generalized Festiveness launches a campaign against new-found creatures emerging from the icy depths of an unknown cavern in the frozen northern wastes.

Around this time, Carlyn, the leader of the Iron Assault, wages a campaign against a creature known as The Gronch.

The Blackstone Company is founded by Derek Lumbar.

614 AC
With the discovery of a large, formerly unknown cavern in the frozen wastes of the north, an expedition is mounted to explore it. It is not clear just how long this dungeon has been here, but quite possibly since the days of the Cataclysm.

Chief Engineer Arthus of Prevalia leads the expedition into the dungeon now known as Cavernam. It is rumored that a mythical substance known as Everfrost may lie within.

615 AC
The Broken Heart of the Mountain Event

The Knights Guild discover potential evidence linking their long-missing brothers with a possible Shadowlord’s shard.

617 AC
The Bloodrock, Blood Clan, and Boulderfist Orcs lay siege to Nusero castle. The castle was sacked. The resources taken are presumably utilized in the construction of a new orc fort.

618 AC
Rift Cultists establish the Daemon Keep southwest of Prevalia in the old Orcish city of Buurz’Uzg. The transformation of the area is virtually instant, as far as geographical upheavals go. It is believed that these cultists wish to bring extremely powerful beings into the realm in an effort to either control or destroy them. The citizens of Avadon are called upon to engage this threat and prevent these creatures from coming through. It is also believed that this might be the work of Luka the Cruel and the Shadowlords.

The Bludchok Orc Fort is established near Smugger’s Den as a base of operation for powerful orc clans.

To assuage the anxiety of the common Prevalian people, King Iaric IV opened the Golden Ingot Casino in Upper Prevalia. Its hours or operation have been in flux.

The Knight’s Guild,
smashed by the orcish might of the unified orc clans, falls. Surviving members join the Pathfinders.

619 AC
The last remnants of the indigenous people led by Jarl Magnus Wolfbiter join the Yew Militia.

620 AC
Da Pakt ob Zu'utah (The Pact of Darkness) is signed by the Warbozz, Klerggoth, and Lead Eldur of the Bloodrock Orc Clan, the Warbozz of the Boulderfist Orc Clan, The Matron Mother of the Drow, and the Tomb Guardian Commander of the Dynasty of the Flame, uniting these evil disparate forces into a singular and most dire threat to the realm.

621 AC
To celebrate 70 years of strength and unity within the Prevalian Kingdom, King Iaric IV holds the
King's Faire in celebration. The festivities are a huge success with the people of Avadon. However, at the conclusion of the weeks-long events, a fortune teller under unknown employ placed a curse upon Queen Xadia.

625 AC
Elements of the Knight's Guild gather to begin
reforming the shattered guild with Sir Rendelsham as Commander.

Numerous Books of Truth are discovered across the entire Realm. It is ultimately discovered that some are fake, some hail from other worlds entirely, but one should be the Book of Truth native to Avadon.

group of vampires emerge as a plague to the citizens of Avadon.

Cambrian Lantern newspaper begins publishing, much to the approval of the citizens of the Realm.

626 AC

Strange moongates began appearing across the Realm with minions searching for something pouring out of them (allusions to Exodus and Mondain were overheard by keen adventurers). Over time it was discovered that these creatures were searching for the Avadonian Book of Truth, but for reasons unknown. This led to a great confrontational battle at the Cathedral of St. Francis, where a great number of people sacrificed their lives to keep the Book of Truth out of the hands of evil. The Pathfinders hire the Cambrian Condotierre, the Sons of Cambria, but they fail to show up for the battle due to unknown circumstances. Two rumors abound, one being that they were ambushed en-route, and the other rumor is that they were paid to not show.

Prevalia in conjunction with Cambria and Andaria finally formalize a joint budget that allows for the
construction of road signs so that the citizens of Avadon do not wander aimlessly along the potentially dangerous roadways.

Pathfinder scholars assist Master Barnoff with
translating the Book of Truth.

A Cultist of Mondain by the name of Quell Avath reanimated the corpse of the long-dead Gronch on the anniversary of the opening of Cavernam. Hundreds of the finest, bravest heroes of Avadon rally together (with some small aid from the Sons of Cambria Condotierre) and re-kill the Gronch. Quell Avath fled after his defeat.

628 AC
Mysterious meteors begin
crashing all across Avadon. Odd elementals are seen at their cores.

629 AC
first Black Mass is hosted by Elyzira of the Vaengr of Vell. The Cathedral of St. Francis is twisted by the forces of evil. Upon the conclusion of this most unholy and dark ritual, the forces of good descended upon the Forsaken Keep in an attempt to prevent one of the Shadowlords from recovering something there. The Shadowlord won the day.

630 AC
second Black Mass is held, followed by a desecration of the Haven cathedral.

strange cult emerges, claiming to worship "the One". Who or what exactly the One is is unknown. The cult soon gains influence throughout Cambria, a number of the common folk taking up the teachings of the One.

631 AC
The Vaengr of Vell
establish an underground lair in the passageway west of Outpost. At the same time, the Orcs north-west of Prevalia expand their territory and fortify their fort. In response, the Pathfinders of Haven and the Yew Militia of Riverrun bolster their own defenses and establish new fortifications.

The King's Library of Prevalia is built.

632 AC
In a bold move and a strike against those who hold the Virtues dear, the Vaengr of Vell
corrupt the Shrine of Honesty. After a short time, the Pathfinders rallied and were able to cleanse the shrine after discovering a ritual within the Vaengr of Vell library.

Meanwhile, the already stretched-thin Pathfinders took up defensive positions at the King's Manor north of Prevalia to
ward off an orcish assault.

633 AC

The Second Annual King's Faire is held in an effort to bring cheer to the still-sickened Queen Xadia of Prevalia.

636 AC
The elusive and much-debated true King of Andaria, Luka the Cruel,
emerges and carries out a series of attacks on various border installations around Avadon, with little regard to which Kingdoms he assaults. After a number of skirmishes, Luka disappeared once more.

638 AC
Skirmishes with strange new Orcs is reported around Prevalia.
A massive surge of orcs from the Urukton Bluffs ultimately lays siege of the King's Manor, where the King of Prevalia called upon all adventurers of Avadon to rally to the defense of the sick Queen Xadia. After a truly bloody battle, the Orcs were driven back into Urukton Bluffs.

Shortly after this, adventurers discovered a method to
enter the once impenetrable Urukton Bluffs and waged war with Goth Yub'gub himself.

642 AC
Queen Xadia of Prevalia, still under the dark curse from years past, suddenly

643 AC
Following clues, adventurers followed the missing Queen's trail to an undiscovered dungeon that became known as the
Undermountain. Although the Queen was not found there, there were many clues showing that she was at least brought to there for some purpose.

645 AC
Still without his Queen, King Iaric IV of Prevalia hosts the
Third Annual King's Faire in an effort to bolster morale.

647 AC
Whispers and rumors abound in Outpost stating that the
Queen of Prevalia has been spotted, though many of the stories seemed to be outlandish tales.

648 AC

There was a strange sighting of what appeared to be the Queen at Outpost. This "Queen" seemed unlike the Queen of Prevalia in demeanor, and summoned forth a cadre of daemons and balrons to attack the small settlement while she enacted a ritual that brought a portion of another world into Avadon, far to the east.

This "Queen's" ritual had catastrophic effects that resulted in a new landmass crashing into the eastern ocean. Upon this landmass many new creatures and treasures were discovered, along with mysterious silver gates that lead to a conquered realm known as only as "Britannia".
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Coherent and concise explanation of the past events that shaped the Avadon we know today. Kudos to the author for this amazing work from a former Knight's Guild member.
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